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Veterinarian Julie Buzby On How ToeGrips Came About

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what happened that you woke up one day in your like Hey I'm a veterinarian I wanna make things better or could someone come to you asked me to solve the problem I know you get this question overtime but I think that we really when understand how this came to be, I love this question because it just isn't response to talk about how this product came to life as a veterinarian I practice what I call integrate is menace and integrating the best of Western Madison medications in standard treatments along with alternative carom certified by the International, society Americans, Batting practice Association so this tends to bring into my world a lot of senior Pats with mobility challenges, so through these variety and treatments and just all integrated Medicine has to offer I felt like we were doing in decent job managing pain and Managing, mobility but I could never address the problem of slipping which really is a common problem and missed a means for our senior dogs to lose the ability to compensate is that age so this was a constant frustration for me and the moms and dads abuse dogs and bring them into their women's in saying You know my top went home and the next day after year adjustment went to, on the floor and I really think I'm did everything that you did, it's not even office unfortunately that office floors have to need to send effective well so they're they're slate Doug struggle there so I knew exactly what they were talking about estar, and all I really had to offer a more runners yoga Matz thrill rounds and and that was the solution next friend and frankly they worked really well when he's on the matter, but my patients inevitably we're gonna go out some lying on the floor and have to get up off the floor, so that was always running in the background for years, and