Dennis Prager On Obamacare

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Are desperate to retain their relevance, and the only way these the acompa troll a question I would include, John McCain Lindsay Graham and the others, they are all in the pocket of the fence Contractors you just take a look at their donors you'll see what I'm talking about, and you will see how shallow they are, , I should say how transparent that is to all of us, that the special interest so profit from more, are the only ones who want more and apparently Obama is there man, and this goes across party line this transcends party, the fact of the matter is the Liberals, and than the oh convert troll a question are on the same exact side, with wanting war with rusher, the machine areas in motion, I would not be surprised if I wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the, surfing president, has over the eighty second airborne into Ukraine in order to provoked Russia once again, , all right I was close, he just a lot of special forces, along lithuania's border in order to provoked who, biggest button will not take the bait, are you listening to and I just said to you, you know there are people who can see things that you can say, you know there are people enough full of hot air who could predict things that, sometimes a true, I'm one of them, I'm not selling you, pass to the guru fall, I'm not selling you. desire to buy a staff of, girls who drive bet Lee's Rolls-Royce is for me up in a ranch in Oregon, I don't need to become a good room I'm on the radio that's where I want to be that's the place up along, but you know I do know, a little something about world politics I usually been here early correct, , and that the beginning of the show today, I was joking around a little bit but I read you, Alexander Soldier need since, statement from nineteen seventy four warnings for the West, and he was he was a man remember who was jail in prison than a slave labor camp, for disagreeing with the Soviet government, and he was warning against, those pushing them entre of justice any quality, who they really work, and what they would do to this country, and how they would falsely use the struggle for piece of for social justice, to lead you down a false wrote, he said they're trying to we can you're the trying to disarm your strong in that deficit country, while it was that important, is that not what Obama has been doing for eight straight years, is a lying to you, using the live the quality of social justice, Obama care if you want to call it that you know medical care for everyone that you pay for, to lead you done a false rolled into we can you'll to this on you, to take the money from defense and put it into met medical care. To take the money from defense and put it into midnight basketball, to take the money from defense and put it the Black Lives Matter to take money from defensive put into every cock a many left wing stupid program you can imagine, to destroyed the strong in magnificent country, in the face of the greatest threats we have ever faced, since world what to, China, being the number one threat, north Korea their junkyard dogs, being a grave threat, Sullivan eats in one you of all these radical leftist movements you know what I'm saying, you ask yourself about Obama, he's mean we know that, he's mean is a rattled snake, and his ice by the way become even crazier by then the last few days of you look at his eyes, it's absolute, the Monica Rice now as he tries to star up award before leaving, as he leaves as I believe in the party in throwing stink bomb in for the crowd, that's what he's doing, he's trying to set the stage for disorder in the world, but, so anyway, he's very clever, became president eight years that's not, doesn't take stupidity, and I'm sure you strong inside award to use all of that strength, to do such harmful things you ask this of over and over again, can you imagine, what this country would be like today had he used his brains of his, his guts, for the good of this country instead of the diminish went to the nation think about that. He's a very competent man why does he do it was a have such an and the team to its this Nation, a lot of reasons as upbringing, he admitted his mother was a happy may she rest in peace, he was steep today have Ty American, of communist dick, thoughts throws entire childhood is education if you wanna caught that is brainwashing, we know only influence enough to repeat to my name, so now eight years of him, okay so week, right by that finished of, just by luck my guards will Trump one, by lil it literally by guards will him by luck by the hair of, I hair, he win over the finish line had a heart however it happen Trump is the president, just by luck because she would've continued the policies of this guy, bringing in fight in fifty percent more Syrian Muslims but he's already flooding in, giving it one example busting the Border wide open, flooding in more illegals from Mexico in central America some With Zeke it doesn't care anymore, they could be coming in with full ball pneumonia a full-blown, tuberculosis he does not care, he can watch the course is much damage is it possibly can is he goes out the door, you know the old days we we know when Democrats left, they would glue up the, the keyboard let save some computer steps in that nasty pieces a work, the A's will wind up you know giving out little sausages and Carrasco. Last year they were in eight for one the Democrats and they know next year they got nothing ahead of him, so after about sixteen weeks of unemployment assurance, or how along the can look at what's going to be available to them, sausages at cost go to get a little sausages from the ten to try, that would be like an eight to one of the sooner Congress receivers in just got tossed out, okay but the point is no one is seen this kind of back before, of what he is doing okay, so here we are, that's I'm trying to say so as he the week son what kind of sun this, so, I I predicted this last week by the when I came on the year, you have to remember hope witness form ahead of the cagey be number one, hey did not hated just remember, what his entire life is built on spying, and also, not reacting too quickly to provocation, one thing gotta Learners if you're in a very dangerous profession, whether it be a policeman on the corner, or spy or diplomats, than dumb bowl Warren rule I would imagine, is not to react to provocation, because in reacting to provocation you're gonna make a mistake, anyone in the fighting game, there's talk from the beginning by trainers, to keep control over there emotions, to remember always that it's a mental game, as much as it is, I physical game, , so what kind of martial arts. What kind of which martial artist who specialize in, you must remember is a grand mastering judo not cover up they have told you that last week, interact that you can block a blow a throw blow right, June I was a different kind of martial law, and as a grand mastering judo he did not take Obama's, let's say moves that him very seriously to step aside, think about it just that he just step aside from obama's, casting out, the diplomatic even want to himself and now want to throw your diplomats out of rusher, he smiled on him, he let a fall like fall on to the madam self, oh bam a just look like a big issu mark, in world history, I should mock try to provoked who can into some kind a reaction, and steady wound up on the honest behind that's what just happened in plane man to man talk, he provoked Hooton not knowing to put in which a step aside lead four-man on his own behind that's what just after, now that doesn't mean the game is over this clown is now even more dangerous, then he was yesterday, there's no predicting, what a desperate week leader might do, he's hysterical, he's acting hysterical and he's acting desperately by the way, and remember what he wants a bubble what he wants above all, is some kind of war, with rusher whether it be a high a warm all whether it be war of words. He wants, wore he wants to send to sentient to grow into something more, because that would set the stage for him to step into the United Nations, as their Chief spokesman or whatever the president the un whatever they call him, to try and save the world for money just created you get in the Craig another to draw from self, he wants the boiling point, he wants the boiling point, he wants the the the waters temperature to go up, justise Marco has brought in rape refugees, to Germany, and there's been one rape after another in Germany one attack after another in Germany, one hate filled event the after another in Germany by these, Muslim cut throats that she's bringing in, she still they had this monster, it's amazing to me, and the people can take it anymore why she doing it why should doing it for you think she's a humanitarian, this go faced, of an stuffing, concentration can't guard, no no no no she's not doing a because she loves, refugees in cares for them, she's doing it for other reasons, and so Obama and she think the same way Hillary thought the same way we voted against it, so we have to be brave right now we have to understand, that's some very evil people are trying to, course I'm very bad things to happen on the on the world stage, lucky for us, Hillary last, lucky for us put miss a strong man who did not take the bait. Instead he stepped aside an let, our president fall on his own behind on the Matt, he's laughing in Obama he's mocking him of your read what they said, have you read with the Russian's of said mother's I'm not going to take the bait, Daily Mail dot com put marks Obama of a sanctions as he invites us diplomats kids, to the Kremlin instead of expanding their parents and is eight score unquote angry in shallow brain political corpse, you know this, he said it would not engage in check for tap politics with us, he also invited show run of any American diplomats in Moscow to celebrate the New Year with him at the Kremlin, I get I will repeat what I'll say in over and over let's say there is truth to the fact that some Russians that hack into some emails of some Democrats let's say that's a given fact, but they're not even accusing the Russians of having made up any of the information in the emails of a hacked are they, so everything that was exposed by Wickey leaks let's say through the Russians turn out to be true anyone so what's the big deal a away as the crime, the dryness Hillary you know Raides we're covering up what they were doing, so we gotta thank Russia packing into their emails and exposing up with a wrap that she has, you get it, so the Russian strong man, is just laughing a more.