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College Basketball

Listen: "He's quick, flying all over the court"

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Chris Coduto
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Specifically from there to set the tone and he did that he played second most minutes of any player on vein here and just always had them in attack mode Gogo Gogo guile and it worked it worked very well he's quick flying all over the court dislike it began contain he's dishing to what it is guys underneath for a layup for a dump and while Dylan over really struggle with some of the easier shots up close they Bure did not so we've when the night was any indication while or in store what we have in store in coverage tournaments in March Madness I mean I would not empathy Miller nobody vein your play in the Big East championship in a couple weeks from now this was really in order for the ordinary Snell doesn't work a precursor for the precursor it was just a Burbank late February Wednesday night if you're a basketball player and obviously a big deal for Chris mac and the Musketeers no easy task plan those guys they're on their there is good is is it as a getting college basketball and it was going to take it monumental effort from our team for forty minutes.