TALIA - Listen: "If there's ever a fat guy you can get away with in baseball, it's the pitcher"

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Victor Decolongon
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History to hit his first home run the big fella parts whole oh yes forty-two years of age the longer around the bases man it was it's pretty funny is sick it was because you know it's face member total Cologne is hefty right plump a big sell off Ryan Suter of the old Redskins quarterback Sammy Baugh somebody asked about that hey you got a beer got on when Carey goes out all throw the ball is my belly I don't throw out with my goal he doesn't our total doesn't pitch with his belly David Wells was a big guys there's ever a fact now you can get away with in baseball it's a pitcher CC Sabathia he could get out there and flat out deal we know what our total Cologne is having just as good a year as the next guy he's proving that as long as you can get guys out you'll stick around for a while but no dollars no may be up when they played in American League parts rarely play maybe you'll DH if you can do this one wants somewhere going to tie the game so that's got a chance to win it's going again rate points seven I know RB in right field Mike near the point carried him with a tally was about ten feet from first base tickets home you've ever see is he going as was all boy out of breath photos whatever it was man i mean come on that people rejoice man you night everywhere it's good to see it really is I mean I I I pick on you comb are all the time because you are handsome Indian Devil whatever you see somebody Indian out there anywhere the world man do something you know you Comey and so good you still proud inside knowledge ever right now of course you do it doesn't matter Matt doesn't matter if it's over their offense over here are mean you're like wow yeah there's something special about people some special about them Canadian American however you whatever Canada you know they can't win in hockey in the NHL so what whenever you live bigs roll around every four years in a can actually represents I feel good I feel good and Mike man all see in four years that's really how I feel about it Mike Richmond is going to join us coming up as a saying California what a moment though signo as a senior a defense that means one moment he'll be a With the series from The Oregonian's covering my Portland Trail Blazers represent might BMW well drop in forty is Damian Lillard I love that what people don't know because you can't find Portland because it's not a big major market Damian Lillard does that game in a game out easily one of the best three PG's the game is.