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Cleveland Locks Up the East With the Number One Spot

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Jason Miller
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Sports flag Peter Schwartz we star of the Eastern Conference playoff picture is the battle for the top spot is over largely lays left side to look brought the brought his nine of twelve from the field twenty-two points five three he has a lot right now where you for four years forty-five point of the game eyes Cavaliers on top sixty-eight sixty-two Michael Carroll's radio they can arms over the Hawks one ninety-four Cleveland wraps up the number one seed in the Eastern Conference Kyrie Irving at thirty-five points LeBron James had thirty-four also in the East the Hornets beat the Celtics one fourteen one hundred dollars the Celtics will burn its tied for fifth in the East America half the back of the Heat they game back all the Hawks now the Western Conference the Jazz were trying to hold on to the eighth and final playoff spot the Mavericks were trying to clinch a postseason berth his white off the Jets three back in wraparound Davis whipped the Mathews for three three when it's you can read wisely may use the main ninety-one he would to nineteen who burst the amass clinch a playoff spot beat the Jazz one oh one arty to the Rockets topped the two goals one twenty-nine One Oh Five the Rockets in Jazz ties for the final Western Conference playoff spot other games Magic one oh seven Bucks ninety-eight Wizards over the Mets one twenty-one alive in the starter Warren twelve Laker subbed on Russell Westbrook With his eighteenth tripple double all this season the balls with the Pelicans won twenty one one sixteen the shot of the Kings over the sarge One Oh Five one award not a baseball problem non in Oakland Angels with the a's for numbing sound Seattle Rangers on travel the Mariners.