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Houston-Bound: Broncos' Writer Mike Klis On Why Brock Osweiler Was Ready To Move

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Jason O. Watson
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Games you losses in all but one that expense but if somebody's it you lost a Super Bowl the wasn't close you lost their playoff game to the Forty Niners where the officials blew it kind of blew it when you think back to thirteen years in the NFL what's the most painful loss to suffered I mean we are Collie Roddy arsenal dulcet tones seven lose a new guys took months to get over that but for you what would you consider to be the most devastating loss of your career that you think of the Hall Michigan we played Colorado and we were for no at the time or some might that we're three you know for can member were undefeated going in that game so with Colorado and we're beating him the entire game and then though they got a garbage touchdowns were Shonn Salaam and then we were just try to run out the clock we didn't do it effectively your quarterback ran out of bounds and I jumped offsides give you know that the key to stop the clock in the end they got the ball Colorado got the ball back through like a seventy yard taught the ball in the air bounced off tie La shoulder pads a right into Michael Westbrook and we lost again in the big house that was the big in because funny thing about it was or plan on on ABC and so all that the guy from ABC because I scored the go ahead touchdown tap me on my shoulder and was lack of money we won interview after the game it's a big win always go away for this thing then when interview stars like who are right but you know those on the field interviews re their next you know the balls in the around like this way too close repeat this team the whole time and he caught the ball their sidelined were crazy their big house.