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Gay Rights Activist Mark Segal: What We Need To Do For Ourselves

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one of the things that father sneeze assists really hasn't been stuff and he'd spent discussed within the community, saying it's extra people get our community to demonstrate against his roster when do some thank you know but then you would had TV idea of supporting under folks who don't you're Community comes Lance but you could do is to die lot without prove one other things we did in nineteen seventy one we've much three into what they must have flipped a black panthers from it signs that say he said you know black panthers support they writes you know we have faith and then we can unfair I slogan so if you wanna get all property chemistry drew Settle, but make sure you have the time we says freedom for LGBT Palestinians and I truly trillion green on Mark gonna go back to you know turn here memoir really quite an night you talk about you know had any is how Stonewalled making liberation front Bruch all kinds of different peoples and LGBT teaching the community together defining enter common any the enemy even if where different I wonder kind what your thoughts are today because it seems like it's different and they're definitely still fair Andy growing Harbor Howler addressing the differences and envy infighting I feel I had been magnified not obviously it becomes we have the internet and social media and all that stuff now on it and you know what would you say that I am in any good we still have a common enemy, we can have a common enemy and one of the things that's it's very important to me is the we as a community must take interest first every opportunity cost black life matters that's the most important issue everything else affecting very young i thought that back community also put a Rican Rights First every other issue was so we have people have to be a sprout ourself has also troops are different hot we said yeah whatever floats our communities agenda first and then folks, probe whatever social justif you wish to do