Why Didn't Germany Win The Race To Build The Atomic Bomb?

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the question is will I ran back down on the question of building and atomic bomb of its own with us today is Jonathan federal farm is a writer illustrator of nonfiction graphic books that were talking about the making of their first atomic bombs an all the deep south necessary to in some sense assembled on nuclear weapons. Jonathan Warby last left off we were talking about the fact that the nation's a world where onto at you half the have well roughly twenty pounds of you're rainy I mean in raged form the create and atomic bombs but the question is why didn't Germany Bill they atomic bombs they had the world's greatest physicist Werner Heisenberg they create arrive Quan a mechanics was in fact the director of they hit Larry and atomic bomb project they had the scientist they had they must solve economic might Why didn't the Germans building atomic bomb, well my impression of that history is a very this Eisenberg pursued eight techniques to shoot initiated chain reaction they didn't pan out. Pham Ian so large in India is states were trying to see demonstrate defeat ability the chain reaction which is an important step for building and atomic bombs, and when they did so they used graph fight as a moderator sure the neutron but they were from guarding the Ukrainian matters with my impression is that Eisenberg end