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You're listening to take nation it's the second and i three part winter archive series featuring our most popular interviews i'm speaking with se milwaukee the author of immobilized and the second out of which snapped that i just was in big and and some people i can score serie inside are on a fifteen and some television about a step and it remind just a theory in what what's good about it sammy is that it personal assistants he wants what's fascinating about see airy is that it was created to be am but the founder called a dude and jim something that would do things for you as opposed to just search for thanks for you now it's here he was also they did a bit and if it's time and and people started to trying to find for us was syria they would ask them mike the city questions and see what kind of answers they would get and that teary reedy i am never to cough as in two and seemed to david when most people use it if to set a reminder on that can under are two program and i'm at gets his it's and because it has it out of easter season so the to duke for you know kind of funny swings that's very might too and then i think the promise of serie is not an like what we see in the movie hair where you have this person assistant that i understand two and personalize everything too deep tissue and does thanks for you that you wouldn't be able to do yourself for you when you have time to do yourself one of the things i found interesting about your burke is looking at the the evolution of now people who develop these apps learned and i mean a great example iss tinder which is simply this like okay you showed a series of pictures goes to the right if you like the person to left if you don't seems a very simple but the when through a lot of evolution on how it would work just learning how people could use it would use it upside stand sides let's go there it's an example ten carries that is a fantastic sara this it's there it's a dating service that will surely you and as a highly shallow if it's just some alert qf but it that's.