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Listen: "The Bulldogs are back in the Sweet Sixteen"

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Streeter Lecka
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The team he was ruin eighty-eight tournaments Network with the called for that one so those that to number one teams manage to take care of business North Carolina's we already said they took on Providence in this one eighty-five sixty-six close in the first half not so much in the second half really I managed to pull away in the second and the guns that I got you know a lot of people are some people surprised at this not so much right here I know the raw Bush get my partner that was on here before he was call in this one all the way can zagged over Utah then bouncing back of us and guys that his top Denver the Bulls so you know sleeves sixty seven and in school history in the second second abuser second well into This Week fifteen winning or you snags big eighty-two fifty-nine in that led to get on to the Sweet Sixteen so was a crazy March Madness stuffer there's a lot of other stories that go with all the stuff that we want to share with you got to get some of that in this being a Sports would later onto that next today player let you know what else is going on in the world was boards NBC Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio dot com when you needed NBC Sports Radio some long enough to stay tuned more company follow The madness.