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Listen: In his career and has never yet made the playoffs

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The pros Fitzpatrick look at this point is that it's good that I said that's not true About Fitzpatrick once the football in the shotgun thinks the snap drops back steps up throws it over the middle intercepted again let's get season Barkley picks 11 seconds to go Yet season will an here in Buffalo is the hardest The most difficult Andrew Wilson turned how I feel right now painful also is the voice of Ryan Fitzpatrick who is now 11 seasons deep in his career and has never yet made the playoffs but he's gonna have nightmares over those throws three straight drives to end the game for the Jets' three straight interception you heard the calls there with Ryan eagle and Bob wish using on Westwood One an The Jets radio network you wanna talk about a painful way this fear playoff hopes disappear now it's interesting debate one that we will safer another day The Jets wouldn't be where they are If Ryan Fitzpatrick had in started the season an throwing 30 touchdowns he set a new franchise record for touchdown passes in the season he and Brandon Marshall and Eric decker all found a place the land it's the right spot throw them Todd Bowles is the new head coach got them the double figure wins a year after they were for in 12 they had the potential replay also Week 17 all of those a positive things but the way they did an did so why nobody needs to make any decision about anything Indies emotional days end an weeks it'll follow so that's how the Jets started things off On Sunday course beat New England Patriots followed suit any AFC East by not taking care of business that Miami ends furthermore not really being aggressive about going after the victory in Miami I understand the their receiving corps is bruise in banged up in battered ends lying on people but having in spending entire season with the Patriots Andy all fans a blind is porous and Tom Brady The last thing in the world the Patriots wanna have happen is for him to get hurt but instead of pulling out of the gamer not playing him knowing of course they already had a bye locked up Biggest hand-in-hand off over and over and over and over and over again what for pass attempts in the first half this month even again the put down the water In a game where Tom Brady in the pads had the chance impact he got pulled late Virginia grapple very conservative.