Listen: "Who is a more recognizable face in Major League Baseball right now"

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Ethan Miller
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Coming up last night in the second half of the show but we stole the cross the topic the Bills it Molina sure how we got their but sometimes that's the way things happen slide Radio we got there the question became to the marginal sports fan not that not the person who is sitting there watching games every night during the week making sure they see all the highlights make sure they're they're log on to CBS Sports dot com and yet all injuries the marginal fan consuming once in a while knows about his job team not really worried about the other teams the question came up who is the he has will face in Major League Baseball right now is a Bryce Harper is that Mike Trout well you may try to send the better career I would you more people they're not the die hard or more agile for injured No Bryce Harper trees before they would know my Trout's face that's really he him was right so I gave him a crew my craft staff and by that I mean I Stephone craft I gave him a hole just trying to do between the end of the city show and the beginning of today show we come back we'll take your phone calls and professor and then also stepped to the from the class and find out if the staff has done their homework yes it might CBS Sports Radio.