Listen: "The Cubs beat him and went to the World Series"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Less could talk about our team very very excited about our team this year reverse so many reasons because you know they're really going to be challenge they were challenge because the Cubs rode beat him and went to the court to the World Series on a mark a there's a scoreless right not anywhere sure they they have that stuck in their crawl I think they do and I hope they don't say I hope they do to prove it and it's going to be fun to watch and now we have not a is going to be interesting to see if you got is going to be ready I don't think he's going to be ready for Opening Day our hope is not ready for Opening Day because you know I by so you got to have made to you know what I work out I'll have ya to missed the first month of play the rest of the mind Ivory with you and I think we can get away with that because I think our catching rhyme Pena I think is is Hua Blatt better backup than maybe we from an experience standpoint the what we've had to pass up they pay attention to is Mike Ohlman who was in Double A last year of who might be ready breakthrough so I agree with you might I don't the body on April tenth all in St. Louis I need him from a tenth to October on November ten let's hope that got a dozen here this good he's going to crime both men's or Wednesday no kidding and you know what I know that thing memory looking forward to regard young shortstop that they signed from Cuba years ago that was the guys in that we're going to see how I have come up for he's in various he had a great great finish at Memphis and anymore only thing and it up out there he's bigger stronger and you watch him and see how that progress is but there's just so many things you've got Wainwright and all the young picture we got the young Korean pitcher OK and I just that Mike and I just finish talking to him and his very impressive added to go four years ago this is a guy is like you know I don't unaware put him in the class of an itchy roar and all the greats Oriente all but I'm delegate he's right there and he's got some things to proven he wants to prove himself a tall Hispanic just like it when he came over he said he said 'I want to see how good.