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Listen: "Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh may have missed the all star game"

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Mike Ehrmann
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He is a big-time huge night act college University technical Institute uno which you have been up tonight let's return the favorite bogey shoulder the up they were negative paid tools Lehigh usually that Israel one if he does so it appears boys that free they're Delmon Young took the wrong girl out for Valentine today <silence> <silence> according to screen grabs procured by Larry Brown sports dot com young lady named Yulia Alonzo hacked young his Facebook account to call him out for taking out a Lady of the night for a balance on said woman in responded by telling miss yearly that she was the actual side previous Alonzo then hacked into Delmon Young email starter writing others suspected side pieces all this a week after young it was arrested in Miami Accused of choking its door man who would let him into a nightclub in regular baseball news agent Scott Boras does not expect to top with the Nationals about a long-term deal for Stephen Strasburg it until after the coming season the twenty seven year old righty would be the top pitcher available in free agency next winter he won a lot I hate my kitchen choice hit the kitchen too he has here that Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh may have missed the All-Star Game last week in for something far more serious than a calf strain multiple out let's say there's feared Bosh is dealing with a more blood clots the missed the last thirty games of last season because of clocks in his long Bosh will reportedly needed game with doctors on Thursday his agent of Miami Herald this all as for Thursday's trade deadline Miami as book him with refused in about a deal involving around Dwight Howard Hassan Whiteside will get to the New York Daily News the Cavaliers reportedly shopping to favor and in MON second-ranked thicket of Oklahoma State ninety four sixty seven pay Bryan and number seven Virginia down and sees seventy three fifty three eight ranked Michigan State is off until Thursday against Wisconsin the next chance for Denver to add to his resume for national Player of the Year obviously will be on the winning bid to win the award and it's been a player of the year and things like that but at the end of the day home this a team sport in the winning is this is awesome ago so So I'm not to focus too much on that Deng's el balance I guess yesterday in our dugout leaves show the full interviews it CBS Sports Radio.