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Listen: "Obama's starting a food fight with Donald Trump"

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Joe Raedle
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No bonus starting of hoot why would Donald Trump at a fundraiser the Democratic but razor what is that this world is gone off the rails right k_abc news live in local at ten twenty-nine I hear years into play made a belly up landing at their nice zero point this evening one person was taken to a hospital it's been a good night for Hillary Clinton correspondent Ryan double says Clint it's night started with a big win in Florida the big question now is what happens to Bernie Sanders campaign sooner seems pretty resilient you know we give a speech in Arizona which is one of the next round of states that will be Voting up ahead of us and out he and his campaign of arty purchased pads in Arizona said they do not appear to be prepared to end their campaign as of yet Hillary Clinton Donald Trump and John case six scored major victories tonight that significantly reshaped the presidential race well a big loss in Florida prompted Marco Rubio to drop his White House pit at all the governor John case a Quinn's a some stating this quest for the Republican nomination for president Allen skier was that his victory celebration a sick told a crowd of Baldwin Wallace University in your Cleveland that and Americans job is to act as the center of hope before a school teacher we give up money to change lives it where Nurse we work fifteen extra minutes when we're debt on our feet because we want to assure a family things are going to be okay a political science to intuitive the rally at light case six line that people are Americans before their Democrats or Republicans.