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Listen: You pull your eyes back onto the field and the Steelers force the Fumble were covered it

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Patrick Smith
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Affiliate when their per the game and when you look at what they did on Sunday in an NBA atmosphere inside the stadium kind a wondering how quickly Do you feel like they figured it out that this was gonna fall their way Yeah I don't owe you they we so it was really tries to somebody had the Jets team was on one of the monitors in the press box in Cleveland not good day care but I guess they were nice to us and and so we're kind of watching the corners of are eyes an there was one sequence where the Bills intercepted the ball An it's it's to snuff Jets drive and then you pull your eyes back onto the field and the Steelers force the Fumble were covered it and then the next play with a net yard pass to Marcus week in and that was really that the whole sequence that put things in motion or look like the first of all the Steelers were definitely going to be able to win and then second of all you know the Bills picked off another pass and and so I think that's when I started I know talk You know a Ramon Foster worthy of offensive line after the game says he made a body in the stands some Pittsburgh panic yup yelling Adams and Ramon finally engage him and the guy kept him a brass the what was going on there Watch the Steelers he's gotten had so Ramon these whoever this person as Ramon thanking produce we after the game that is all found out before we get to the the Steelers game in their prognosis never the playoffs Do we know anything about de Angela Williams no but the one thing I do know at this is that is that waiting further and further the players to come off the field and nobody was more enthusiastic in almost a point a jumping around the D and slowly and she came bouncing out of the Steelers locker room with a boot with With one of those walking boots stand he would free spry so it it is an ankle it's not and you know we first went down you you wonder you know no fits the knee and ankle it's a knee that's bad ankle not so much so I'd been just based on his demeanor and everything else I I would be cautiously optimistic they might be able to play well that certainly Down lay beyond bell What was the difference in this game that they didn't have against the Baltimore Ravens or against him like a display what the hell happen against the Ravens well that's a good question an quite honestly some of that tell happened again yesterday.