Listen: "But right at five rebounds a game in eighteen minutes"

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Streeter Lecka
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Time each played about eighteen minutes a game but right at five rebounds a game in eighteen minutes 'Wow this fell out of favor in Boston bosses just absolutely going young yet that's what they wanted these young guys to go out there a good minutes and play that's what they're all about and Davies just stuck on the bench boss that and they go to state it was he got hurt In back but now that the quite fit into what they were trying to do know when he was then it was a little productive and we got the shot his maybe his biggest single problem at Golden State was dream on Green when David Lee left a productive lineup it was hurt and dream on Green came in that lineup Golden State's Woodley said she's she can Ronnie could shoot has been really good has seeking yeah I had an and still believe lead suddenly Golden State final of play evolved in which they used Bogut and Nets it once Bogut started center places twenty twenty two twenty four minutes at small ball with dream out at the five yes and they rule in you know they role in every rule it out all off the bench and that's their preferred style of play your league gets sixteen eighteen minutes a night relieving Dirk and I can see him playing really really not a lot of minutes but some minutes at the five akin to in certain matchup as if you really want to go big you can roll him out at the three for stretches so not just little stretches yeah and I'm not saying but if you want to get creative you could do said the night if you played a part of that the for You Can Play David Lee at the three if you needed to yet the problem with David Lee is she will not stretch the floor for you none of the shooting the ball he'll get big over three get rebound seem like Sugar jumper for twelve to fifteen he has short of Zaza range.