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Listen: "Clippers coming up a difficult to decipher loss at home to the Minnesota Timberwolves"

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Coming up the difficult to decipher loss at home to the Minnesota Timberwolves Wednesday night the fell one eight two one owed to Chris Paul led the Clippers with twenty two points Jamal Crawford added twenty one off the bench and the Andre Jordan had a double double eighteen points and fifteen rebounds but at the end of the night Andrew Wiggins thirty one points combined with double doubles from Karl Anthony Towns in Gordie Jay ended up winning the day for the team rules and many fans pointed toward a late technical on Chris Paul as part of the reason for the last first the explanation on why he got the tee from Doc Rivers in overtime no clapping here at The Show either DeAndre Jordan summed up the impact though that technical foul and the referees performance as a whole after the game that was a than they have anything to do with the replay we didn't come out with the right spirit Russell most of us go get him if we come out and not play a team's record were played basketball game we win this game through this about us we got to conceal you're going to display Bass will now with the loss the Clippers are thirty two and seventeen still a very good record especially in the amount of time they've had to play without Blake Griffin that said there now five games back of Oklahoma City for its third losing traction with that team above them in the Western Conference standings and they've actually lost three games on OKC is well as two or three games from Golden State in San Antonio over the last three weeks meanwhile Memphis is on a four-game win streak and the Grizzlies are now just three games back of the Clippers for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs meanwhile the Orlando Magic they are struggling overall their twenty one and twenty seven they have lost ten of their last eleven games and they are now just two and fourteen since the start of the new year Matt Magic have a one seventeen to one fourteen loss in their last contest against the Oklahoma City Thunder actually one of their better games but in the end another BAL Victor Oladipo scored thirty seven points in that lost so Clippers vs. Magic tonight open to get right back on the winning track and head towards the All-Star break on a winning note real quick let's take a look at the out of town scoreboard it is brought to you by are good good friends over it Felix Chevrolet signed new Roche were on the early slate tonight so all these are coming attractions no games that are actually underway just yet also the for clocked at Time Atlanta will be hosting the Indiana Pacers couple teams with winning records in the Eastern Conference Clippers are actually not just the three and a half point favorite against the Magic that number is come down about a point earlier this morning from the wise guys in Vegas also for eclectic time in our nation's capitol Wizards hosting the Philadelphia seventy six years Miami will be at Charlotte at four four thirty Cleveland will host Boston matchup of two teams currently in Eastern Conference playoff position game start time for thirty Sacramento will be on the road at Brooklyn New York Knicks will host the Memphis Grizzlies at six p.m. Denver host Chicago Milwaukee visit Utah and it's six thirty a battle in Texas San Antonio at Dallas the Spurs eighty six and a half point favorite against the Mavericks that is your upcoming attractions just scoreboard update brought to you by Philip Chevrolet find new Rhodes police big with Ralph Lawler shortly right now will take a quick break comeback continue get you ready for Clippers and Magic right here on your home for Clippers basketball dubbed In eighty two Hansbrough and This is my impression of someone who is terrible at giving directions to get on the final six or says it's all five and on the left past the new food drop but nothing new nuances a six we stop this kind of like comparing progresses direct rate with our competitors rate some progress about calm but not them take a right at the trees that looks like I know you know that I did of that being in everyone's like a lot of directing a rates in one place at Progressive dot com progressive casualty injuries company comparison Resort available in all states or situations Do you owe the Jairus money has the eye arrest guard is pure wages or put a lead against your house the Pirates has the power to make you pay back what they claim Euro and will stop it nothing to collect their is a solution.