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Listen: "Hillary Clinton celebrating projected Democratic Primary wins in four of the five states voting Tuesday"

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Spencer Platt
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To be Hillary Clinton celebrating projected Democratic Primary wins in four of the five stage Voting Tuesday play Closer to secure the Democratic Party nomination and winning this summer now that news is committed to one in North Carolina Florida in Dylan normally with Missouri a little too close to call CBS is John Dickerson for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side it was a big win in two different ways one she added to her already dominant delegate lead with those big victories particularly and floor out but also so for her she was able to win on the states that give her sons of momentum not just winning in the South but also you know high after Donald Trump a projected winner in North Carolina Illinois and Florida but Ohio will go to Wix Governor John case it here in the Buckeyes State's one campaign stayed alive I have to thank the people tough great state of Ohio I love you you know a make or break election John KC can easily beat Donald Trump by more than ten percent in Florida out another campaign ended after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side we will not be on the winning side this time Trump was the victor in a landslide over Marco Rubio and Trump ended the evening with the most delicate at this stage that we wanted to win by the margins we should cut him and CBS News Cleveland Washington DC is second largest in the nation subway system ground while halted midnight and had to be shut down all day long for safety inspections after a tunnel fire Monday was treys to some bad wiring Metro system manager Paul we've.