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Listen: "Maybe David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox as well"

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Rich Gagnon
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Two of the greatest athletes in their respective sport in one year go out on top we now know now he added Peyton Manning is retiring but if he does retire after winning a Super Bowl you just don't get that very often may be David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox as well willfully may have certainly added them during the Hot Stove season now with a lot of athlete I get that we would think about majorly baseball that had this whole extravagant farewell tours kind of one Coby Bryan is going through now was Derek Jeter any was celebrated each and every place but he went in his final fee then we always be that would Big Papi whatever the graffiti four for the number I haven't had every day one they make it in a lot of the time you know thanks for fans my appreciation for the fans it doesn't let alone the summer right of the play tags fans the support as we we make of David Frank I like that perspective because there's some about it who are you lukewarm on the whole idea of the season long Farewell to worry why why because they won accolade but make Bobby if they now it's because I want to be able to share the from the fans so they know because the fans are the reason why we play all the wind no Worley the camera wide right on top of the microphone and why back particular moment get everybody wanted the picture to be with my wing probably he was talking about they're not going to hold a parade for me all four days that I mean I fifty for the last time and then the guy obviously who has seen and pretty much done everything that you can in Major League Baseball I he's been around the block not one not twice but three four times you've got multiple reigns the righty now to kind of half that we've given experience on two guys who are baby in their professional careers one of the but after that I have experience on Brady four home.