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Next Time You Go Bra Shopping Keep This In Mind

Tina Karakourtis, AKA the Bra Surgeon, explains how bras are designed for different body types and gives us some tips for the next time we're out shopping. Like don't forget your 'bra buddy'!

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"Go to the mall with the bra buddy and have them adjust your straps"

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Do brands, meaning bra maker brands make bras for specific body types? Meaning, if you go into some retail store that has only their own brand and you wear a size C, and you go into Target and you're a size D, is there a brand for specific body types or does it just matter about measurement? - No, no, most brands will have a bra for different body types, like say, let's use Wacoal for instance. You can go in and see maybe 30, 40 different styles, and of course Wacoal is not going to fit every single woman, however, they will fill the need of many different body types. Some will cover more, some will minimize, some will plunge, some will push in from underneath the armpit. They're going to give you different shapes and style and what I tell my customers is, put the bra on, you know, and you should go with the bra buddy when you're going shopping if there is not a small specialty shop in your neighborhood. Go to the mall with the bra buddy and have them adjust your straps. Make sure it's low in the back and always put your T-shirt on over the bra to see the look.