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Listen: "Recover simple penalties for i'd from the british matt the lawsuit accuses the back and it's employees" barclays us loans

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To fifty five dollars a five cents a barrel in london the justice department is is suing the barclays band p l stand several of its us affiliates over the sale of risky mortgaging back to securities the lawsuit filed yesterday and federal court here on brooklyn new york it seeks to recover simple penalties for for i'd from the british matt the lawsuit accuses the back and it's employees of miss representing the quality of the loans that they salto investors between two thousand five and two thousand seven and also what heart is pulling a black lives matter t shirt from its on line offerings amid complaints by police we get details from correspondent sierra crawford funding to complain for the national fraternal order of police lamarr says was stop silly t shirts on this website that reads bulletproof black lives matter f opie presidential cancer barry informed while parcial the search for davis to companies reputation and what not help build trust between can unity and local police officers this after conservative website bright part played out last week that the company still sold i don't know removed all with the confederate flag on both asserts are actually so through third party merchant old glory the company has agree through moved this item with the bulletproof preference i didn't see or crawford so where this morning walmart pulling doesn't black lives matter t shirts from its line offerings cement complaints by police then the it all no longer sano shirts somebody they read the they have printed on them bulletproof black lives matter and that this move that coming after the fraternal order of police called the shirts offensive and esa retailer to stop though sales though shirt so we're sold by old glory as correspondents here crawford mention based in connecticut deutsch a bag says it's agreed on a seven point two billion dollar settlement with us justice department and still all claims over its dealings in mortgage back securities of find them about half of the him out that but your dad had warned it might have to pay earlier this year possibility that weighed heavily of course on the share price and germany's largest band but depth which is saying that the deal.