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Markets Today  - October 20, 2016

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Chris Hondros
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W news radio hey way w news telling seven twenty five now became like w business reports sponsored by ito source office furniture here's joan down a girl's bloomberg business the stock averages stretched their against a back to back sessions but the stretch wasn't a big one the dow adding forty one the naz dak three the s and p five games of about a quarter percent for the dow in s and p just a not to the positive for the nats dak well i mean oil prices lifted the energy sector with crude futures gaining two and a half percent to fifty one sixty a barrel after a government report showed a sharp drop the domestic inventories last week earnings for morgan stanley helped boost financials rounding out a string of solid results from the big banks investors are starting to see something taking shape they haven't seen in more than a year according to thomson reuters and overall increase in court only earnings and that's even with american express posting its lowest quarterly revenue total and more than five years years as it struggles to move on without its partnership with carrasco over although am extra do better than predicted shares rose in late trading i'm joan done and are bloomberg business for kei why w news radio business reports on cable i w whip twenty five and fifty five after every hour hey why w news time seven twenty six hey molly you know in a good place is the by office furniture definitely call ego source well i mean also need someone to deliver and install a ego source does that to what about someone to these i'm the layout ego source alright well i need someone to move my old furniture as well and simona to provide tragic management give you one guess see though source yep what does and the those are still now that i don't know because source your source for office furniture and completed moved management services visit either source dot com today.