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Angela Bassett: 'I'm Not Going To Do No Money And No Love'

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Angela Weiss
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Work in good roles and i want to be pay for early but art i suppose has always been a little bit more important because and i've been known for someone who just doesn't do anything is is the reason but high when active i think that if it's something that you love and you start given an for well how much you don't pay me then that news that love is sorted diminishes because now it's not is that a good roll with they're not going to pay when i asked them the get it's been it's ego or something but and i've turned out a lot lots of money i worked a little money or no money keiton and some movies but and it was ten fouls but i'm not going to do no money and noted how you haven't had ever over you're like i know when i guess an off the food is on them in the good we all feel like we off what you are awful was low got the right right right you who knows is if it a role like that would ever come around again you know just you notice real no we'll gil and sometimes of have to sit and look at those who one oscar and then the career after sometimes the expectation is so high after something like that anything okay now you're out if you know but we will in the pay or so it's it's it's been interesting i look at i didn't win but here we are still today what twenty five you later heart who went and it's like you know crop is still remembered people still talk about or still affected by the you make a about this i enjoyed it the time that i where you don't back in ninety three out of the time very very and the main very exciting i am for about and nine years is something but when i see more inclusion that's what i kid that's when i can get excited when i see what life look like that for you know that you feel like you should've won their yeah yeah yeah absolutely head that where what had a little one mania i do but.