Medal Of Honor Recipient Describes Rescue Of US Hostage In Afghanistan

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Chip Somodevilla
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in two thousand twelve was a member of SEAL Team Six he was sent to rescue an American Doctor David Joseph who'd been kidnapped by the Taliban as they approach the building the point man so they had been detect, song burn come out of the door and he shot him and he started printing towards or Portman Nicholas check went in first but he was shot and later died as a second person and when entered the room and I saw, another enemy standing there with weapon i shot him and I saw the person Goldman across for you know whether or not the person was American hostage or the was and I mean so I'm a down towards am. And as a way to get on top and and and and olive my Lakes he was adjusting is night vision goggles trying to get a better looked at the person beneath what her Doctor Joseph call out from another part of the room that's when I shot person out on top of and, jumped off and on to the doctors and through five feet away for good job on Doctor did that because we're body armour and want to protect him from any other potential threats, when did that realize that there was another I mean I was with an arms range of where we're lane and saw what to call him against the wall by no Graham run through an.