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Supposedly Healthy Activities That Are Wasting Your Time

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This is the list the things that scientists a you don't have to do anymore because they're totally wasting your time number four drinking age glasses of waters day this suggestion first appeared in a woman's dietary allowance guide from the year nineteen forty two which is something you should always follow they also that had battered every i back in the kitchen woman it doesn't take into consideration you're a you're high your weight or your activity level instead doctors recommended just drink and joe your p is no longer dark that means you're high traded it doesn't have to be eight glasses a de este frank until that he's not barking more hit but all that injury like a marathon right around his sitting down playing video guy but if if they get the dark when he drink other things that are a lot of like every other than hot guy yeah clearance i traded with hot number three washing your hair everyday don't do it was your time it was you know everyday uno civilization in the history of the world has wash their hair as much as we do now daily watching is thought to be unnecessary and even harmful because it removes the natural oil's from your hair in scout every couple of days is good or less if you're hair is currently mike i have every day but he doesn't he only is this who once a week and you know he's got gorgeous there i shower at least three times and then i watch my here every time now you guys wieters no wonder why i think one of the you know killer people through the net the compulsive about i'm number two to starting out of date food to say ways your time as well really when food reaches excel by date that doesn't mean at suddenly becomes poise and it's creatures research a say in means the supermarket as guest this stock should be rotated unless it's most terrible yrs covered in mold you're probably fine we needed at my house all it turns below i had no idea that does that end the very well for the yeah i'm like no way yeah always needed after in the rivals hours you kind of have that were pretty bad and my yeah.