Listen: "Brand new coach Chip Kelly have Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kap Roddick"

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Scott Halleran
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Eight five five two one-two four two two seven of eight five five two one-two fourteen two seven but familiar tweaks here at a wall radio what about a third round pick for Collin cap Reddick go Browns OK so Brown fans saying Hey will take a third round pick I will take Oliver a third round pick I don't know that Hue Jackson is going that way I think he wants his own Guide I want to be able to draft a won it kind of Fed is much the other issue with that I don't think the Niners and less we're talking about a speak price in return for cabinet are going to let him go they themselves or in a similar situation brand new coach Chip Kelly have Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kap Roddick maybe together but two of them put together their strength could make an elite que be but neither one of the main Cabernet QF got some great stuff on his resume in the path Blaine Gabbert in me he hadn't won a game and God knows how long and Billy stepped on the field last year for a couple of wins with the Niners and showed some flashes but I mean are you really company neither one of those guys so I think Chip Kelly In the Niners one option there will still looking for something else in the draft Tony goodbye would like for the Texans to go for a David Perron the Bengals an apartment what if the under a place.