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The History of Macaroni And Macaron

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by about twelve seventy you see the the word mark I mean he appears insists helium and it seems to me you know kind of lump a bill kind of like and you see an had definitely have your Middle Eastern things going on had rose watered had egg white soon it sometimes it had sugar in it stay with us we go product served with cheese are sometime served which sugar and slowly that seems to have changed Institute versions one more in the north that that kind of got popular in France which was called Mark a role in French which was almond paste which quite an sugar and one in the south where they got last week and with more chief he and this idea of a sweet thing like a milk product an replacement with arm and he's very common Europe because again if your Christian in Europe in the thirteen hundred you a lot of these when you can eat meat and meet through a long period included dairy so you could meet dairy product on inland tonight frei days and so here you know a lot of almond milk substances whole cookbook full Obama not to this idea that this kind of converting the recipe she's version common versions very common anyway so these brand around and then we ended but you know what now seems like to complete different though the pasta called my Peroni