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College Basketball

Listen: "Eight games on Saturday's NCAA tournament's slate"

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Jonathan Daniel
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But first the latest supports update when John fast forced play Foley games on Saturday's incidentally tournament sleep an eleven seeded guns were losing into the Sweet Sixteen on us topic eagle putt on the four driving dishing drink unison the corners or three it's been nice SV he was moments he is three who knew in the West one unsuitable a Radio Network the Bulldogs go on to dominate throughout the however third seeded Utah eighty-two fifty-nine and I awaits the winner Sunday's game between Syracuse and Middle Tennessee elsewhere Thomson in North Carolina pulled away from Providence eighty-five sixty-six Indiana took them Kentucky seventy-three sixty-seven the Wildcats sent packing and their earliest tournament exit since two thousand eight for John tell tires as all the credit goes to the Hoosiers but I don't want to do is take away from what Indiana did can mean Indiana they played every kid on that court gave everything they head they deserve to win this game we didn't play our best let me say this maybe it was because of them Thomas Bryant had nineteen in Yogi federal added eighteen for Indiana Tyler us a game-high twenty-seven for Kentucky in the last chances to care you con seventy-three sixty-one when seldom in twenty-two Curry Ellis twenty-one only the Jayhawks turn their sixteenth straight W Reimer stayed setting This Week sixteen for the second time in three years after an easy a seventy-eight six two one win over little rock the cycle owns a battle top seeded Virginia next week in Chicago in the Midwest regional cavaliers pulled away from Butler seventy-seven sixty-nine thanks to twenty-two from Malcom Brown been Miami survived a furious rally to knock off Wichita State sixty-five fifty-seven into got by Yale seventy one sixty-four The Blue doubles nearly blew a twenty-seven.