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Listen: "College football national signing day is tomorrow"

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Mat Hayward
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You trade him you have An added a college football national assigning day tomorrow upper crudes apparently cut his list down to two schools New Jersey de Lyman rush on Garry picking between Michigan an Clemson but the do's got a hand Jay Cohen in full i mean he admitted twice over CBS sports network timing show yeah well Joe Montana man I give it back you gotta grab a it's funny they're ready says that about Adrian Peterson but it can hold onto a football which I could never understand If they changed the football into an shape then maybe windy fumbling in the biggest moments of his career hey when was the day that coach came within here Mikey bid We remember the exact day because I think the we might have changed him and his entire because they they basically have not won a game since he came in nearly had such a great mentioned that they were you know any of those pretty much starting over grace and Allen course really put on a show lash should Turner and CW temper should Rondon and then you lose all those other guys it you in one and done and I wanna go to the league so II Baze who said they were starting a new and then and then take are loves and they had a first there's oh seven on ranked in that AP poll so it's gonna be a long long road so yes it's not that bad cause they had one would seem will they lost he second game after he came in here that they played maybe Georgia Southern there was no that was not doubt and they lost to Utah after that and then won four in a row so I'm not gonna play five in a row talking a blame Os on that one But now they've lost four out of five Clemson Notre Dame Syracuse Miami While beating NC state so I thought that it was gonna be more of a correlation there between him coming in here and us being seen that entire program but now action can play must no no no no don't put some great interview with good so James coat We can blame the little pat on the back deduce gave us there this idea so he was a great in every because he was so good I mean we were good to okay you know you know star dug awhile where his old self yeah yeah we we got some de someone so yeah I think you better be on are best behavior in areI game.