Listen: "You know what, when you pair up with a quarterback like Philip Rivers"

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Stephen Dunn
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That and you know I meet you he had that talk about his time in Cleveland like it was already a done deal that he was leaving everything was passed heads yeah low apply like the my time there he was absolute in the day-to-day you know what would you Para but the quarterback would Philip Rivers Travis Benjamin had a good year with the let me a bad quarterback play you should have a great year with Philip Rivers Paul DePodesta Paul DePodesta that's right but that's working out for Cleveland what they We have any mention yet as Cleveland still has Johnny Menzel listening I mean the report game out what maybe three weeks ago sane is going to cut instantly on This Date they were tired of them Ryan well maybe when you can try to get a seventh round pick there any team will do it we'll say one thing in the do the exact opposite if they can add a draft pick even if it's just a seventh rounder right now the ticket gets a typical for five three Car Wash right in us that's basically what I go my gut five free Karl washers why our walk Snow woman life we have to make a steal a Broncos defense losing Danny true bait them to Chicago you like that their Bears fan i do and there's needed it down tennis and Shea McClellin Florida I give you credit you you jump on that early in the very very early in our free.