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Listen: "So you got a Sweet Sixteen like Kansas, Maryland, Miami, Villanova " 

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Brian Bahr
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To Notre Dame should add that didn't get it go to lock down again Northern Iowa pick crash a party they didn't do it so now you're at a tournament where the four afford the por number one teams have advanced one bracket is completely gone chalk one two three four all advancing to the Sweet Sixteen right he got attempts even Syracuse exam you got Ohl haven't seen him get that it will champ but look to contend again Syracuse right now it's not Syracuse state share his job worse he gets silly things he has a tendency to do well and games that again despite there up and down season one their conference tournament got him they've got great players Simona span tastic that will shirt great and they did players in a pro players eleven Fear no Levin seed in addition me all that surprising especially given the nature of how that bracket kind of broke down what you take Michigan State Clayton so it is so in other words we don't of here and that it maybe I don't know prediction would be it would be a strong work I would say those there with guys like us going what did some wide open a double a tournament but I would love to have seen a little bit of a mid major presence in this thing but we didn't get it she got a Sweet sixteen what Kansas Maryland Miami Villa Nova for your top five teams in the South in the west near the top four teams in Oregon Duke in Texas they never Oklahoma as a mention Syracuse in games that are double digits seeds but the other side of that Midwest bracket when shock and Iowa State a foreign Virginia one and they did everyone going to Philadelphia it's North Carolina five seed in Indiana sixteen Notre Dame and seven seed Wisconsin to make the turn when better no is a big determine worse Nole it gave his some of these great moments I mean i will not forget some of the new than the nobody missed now we saw especially on Friday and I watch a Michigan State game going alright whether the Spartans didn't realize you're in trouble because you know what happens when you do with eighteen nineteen twenty year old kids I don't care what I don't care what you tell them as a coach sometimes they just don't believe it in total to Curry and towards happening you can hear guys in the NFL say all there if they're going to be careful they're going to overlook a team like in the NFL NFL teams rarely overlook other NFL teams rarely overlooked because a professional players and it's just a matter of matchups and coaching everybody on the worst NFL team is one of the best football.