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This Ancient Civilization Chose An Odd Location For Their Brewery

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Mario Tama Brent Stirton
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 give us some idea of where Sarah about wool is located I was looking on a math, it's a top but this really for bidding looking makes, mean I'm usual place to put a big brewery isn't, it is an but the worry as an umpire, and like to do expensive an elaborate things and an building a said it all on top of that may so is one example of of the kind of expense they went to as part of their and hire, it is they're really trying to him, yeah they they're really, their neighbors by put a brewery on toughness isolated now with no Nationals or the water no food, they were trying to show off they work, how much did how much did they actually make of the proved stuff, well based on their remains to be found a single batch could be about five hundred talents, of beer out once wow, I'm it did they make it for every day you so was it for special parties are what what did but they do with all that stuff they were making, well, [Music] it does looked as though they probably, or drinking some amount of and be or we call a teacher, on a daily basis I'm however this, sighs and that was probably reserved for special occasions. One perhaps, and calendar events as celebrations associated with the soul since his early equine Ochsner's or other events, marriages wedding urinals, I'm and also special meetings, in this site is on a friend tear and so am they would have had to regularly negotiate with their powerful neighbor's to the south that he would happen, Ryan, I should