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Listen: "The downs that was up thirty something so that came in and what heard it was some of the big names amazon" OIL PRICES

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Yana Paskova
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S and p up the read now spec eleven as that one hundred up sixteen the semiconductors down to trail sports down eighteen but vets the kleins what flat new highs that contract few things that happened today that are kind of note number one the downs that was up thirty something so that came in and what heard it was some of the big names amazon i'm and things like that when these big names move they really move the those are the c's pretty quickly that was that story today but here's a few things of note number one the royals got smacked oil prices got hit very very hard today oil stocks were down a lot eight could come back some towards the end of the day but still came back a lot and just they try to break out and didn't happen they have and what they're headed like a freight internal at this point in time that is all the orioles at this juncture if anything changes will election out commodities were hit pretty good the interesting thing today is all the steal socks got hit hard there was some down great they all came back to beat flattened they sold love towards the end of the day again the steal look cop for all those things need the pole in there in the midst opponent now so do the financials the financials boldin yesterday but had a good day today they're sitting kind this sort of tight again nothing bad is going to happen to the market laughs the financials really start to get hit and that exceeded make has not happen yet it off other areas we all the trump areas defense box had another strong day to day north republican lucky martin channel dynamics el three communications all very strong rate the on on the potential for spending they.