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What Is Radiation?

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Okay well we hear about radiation all the time but the question his what is radiation well very briefly speaking when you're smash and adam up argue break it apart is called an eye on but if you smashed the nucleus at the very center of the out of apart you get some a timing particles and the fragments the fragments of adams and seven timing particles are called radiation of course there many types of radiation because are many constituents with in the bottom the most common form of radiation is electra magnetic radiation that is radios television visible light all of that travels at the speed of life because that's what bly is light is a form of alike shot magnetic radiation x rays for example ri and icing radiation which can be potentially quite dangerous in give you cancer because it in turned can rip apart adams on the other hand radio is nolan ryan icing it does not had enough electra magnet energy to rip apart the adam so it is not as dangerous as x rays so that's one former radiation then we have some atomic particles alpha rays beta raise their much more dangerous in certain ways and they're found for example in fallout if you have an atomic bomb in a release is an enormous amount of x rays and other kinds or radiation but it also makes radio active dirt so the dirty created by the heidi jim bob it is locked it into the sky eventually reigns down on the planet dearth in the form of radio active by products that is adams that have been ripped apart which in turn release beta rays which are elects runs and al for a's which are the nucleus healy on those potentially can be dangerous because i mean icing mediation which can cause you tensions i mean cases and turn can alter alter the very structure of life and so we have a situation here where yes nb unless radiation can be dangerous but we also have ways of controlling the radiation as well we have ways in which we can measure it and we have shielding to protect us against radiation but of course some time to just gets out of control take a look at sure noble take a look at three miles island take a look at focus shima there we had racked reactor is literally blew their lead like it sure noble releasing all sorts of radio active debris that eventually wound up in peoples dinner table and in people's backyard and so once again radiation can be dangerous seeking to harm you but also radiation can cure diseases for example radiation treatment sippy have cancer and the son itself release is radiation which makes life possible sunlight it's a form of radiation as well okay well moving to right along let's take the next listener funk up hyun many in charlotte and i approve bradford new hampshire i am calling africa there insurance company.