Listen: "Spurs beat the King's one oh four to ninety four, Manu Ginobili returned after missing a month, got in for fifteen minutes"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Seven six leaving the conference door wide open for a certain squad from Chapel Hill more I don't know and that Torrey own coming to Cameron Indoor Stadium you get a seventy six devan new win over do and in the process they are he is beauty HC the regular season Jones Angel the final call on go heals dot com rounding out the jumped at Oregon seventy six Southern Cal sixty six in West Virginia sixty nine Baylor fifty eight at MIA the Hawks blew past the Clippers One oh seven ninety seven spurs beat the Kang's well for ninety four Manu Ginobili returned after missing a month got in for fifteen minutes and scored a season-high twenty-two point was third in expected when Pau told me that I was have play a few minutes I said it right if I don't shoot I just want to play Jimmy Butler got the play for the first time in a month is well we had twenty-four helping the Bulls rush past the Rockets one await one hundred T Wolves mold the Nets one thirty-two to one eighteen it was the Jazz of the Pelicans one oh six ninety four Pacers one hundred the Wizards ninety nine knicks one oh two Pistons eighty nine New York winning for just the fourth time in twenty games of the Cavaliers rally back beat the Celtics one twenty-two one oh three of marker day sprain is in the air Spring Training that he is and we got the lead is baseball moves on CBS sports radio.