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Listen: "Donald Trump now has a slim elite out Hillary Clinton the Pole conducted by ABC News Washington Post"

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RB general Joseph hotel is headed us Central command for just seven weeks Donald Trump now has a slim elite out Hillary Clinton the Pole conducted by ABC News Washington Post showing the General Election race to be more on settled forty-six percent of registered voters like Trump with forty-four percent for Clinton the contest has taken considerably since March include a lead among registered voters by nine points Bernie Sanders says campaign everyone's granted through citizens State motor laws are threatening democracy can't going to tell Republican confidence over America you will not continue because the refs the ball centers a Nationals City California Saturday south of San Diego near the Mexican border voters heading to the polls Sunday in Austria could elect the first far right president over European country sense Nazi Germany's it off hitler Bethany Bell with the part is of the BBC is in Vienna all strain is faced with the stopped choice for its head to state and Green posse professor Amick Sun the funded by then will that hold for the far right freedom posse a soft spoken put carries messy gun enthusiastic who won the decisive victory in the first round of eighteen in April order frustration of Austria is already led to the established parties being knocked out of the race you're listening to eighteen BBC News Gordon had him not to look at toast Meeks were all these personal the internet its most beloved it's an ailment had one thing in common their series security initiative star Interstate a downtown the Duncan can today visit the Shelter Roger dot org to find that year trading that pit to play the keyboard that's optional starter story adopt a shelter rescue pet today brought to you by ninety-seven teammate Society of the United States.