'We're Gonna Teach You To Be Killers' - WWII Vet Remembers Boot Camp

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from your perspective when your brother was over there in Europe where you concerned about him worried about one is gone on my mother that she was death live grill worried about it all that and then you and the for the army can forever time casseroles California for trade in there and you heard your brother say for sure you would have been the invasion of Japan is that what you expected yes ugly thanked in that really of that when the extent than what I heard this are good status is it is only lawyers are seven home, the first son I ever had the line of my and course we listen with the AK kid of the killers the island is to death I tell her specially still at the earth and that is the never heard about the what is talking about they were combat and determine or sale say they know with Aaron know the bad so all in those of the boys would lethal on that and you know the government estimates said upwards of a million Americans would have been killed in the vision of mail and and and and many more Japanese so you're at Camp Roberts when Obama stopped yes as I can for average the than they do it the tranny when they go up that first of all and then ulcers lower in their jeep to get out of the others together and tell us about this big of the death of the stories we own here with just take the that the and I'm still take of the that