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Libertarian Adam Kokesh Wrote 'FREEDOM' To 'Empower You To Be More Happy, Free, And Prosperous'

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Co. cash talking about Chris Kyle he's a, former military guy ended up getting killed apparently by another, person who was also in the military, I made a movie about him but I'm go catch hasn't had a movie made about him yet and he probably should because he's got an interesting story He's a former military guy who actually turned into a live or Terry, and of all interest somebody who loves the ideas of Liberty he wrote a book called freedom, and he says it'll empower you to be more happy free and prosperous while putting in a position to help shape our destiny government's right now us into thinking we need that but we're moving past the status paradigm and rendering them obsolete government's rely on force and forces a por substitute for persuasion when you learn don't hit don't steal and don't kill, it wasn't unless you work for the government, all human interaction should be free of force and Co. worsen we should be free to exercise our rights limited only, I respect for the rights of others, so that was the within freedom by Adam co cash,