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College Basketball

Listen: "Head coach, Tony Bennett's team, averaging nearly 81 points a game"

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Joe Robbins
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You know he's as good as anybody he's a go to point there is I never saw a revenge factor I've never sign a chip on your shoulder factor worked none of that works only things going to work is tomorrow who placed the best I mean this should the new history is so this team this team wants to go what happened last year earlier Fordham manner it doesn't put extra pressure on him I don't think I think the pressure will be and if you know when it comes down to it is a close battle you know there's always pressure because you want to move on everybody to us obviously we thought they'd was good and it was good until we beat him than they were good anymore and that everyone thought Bill Tennessee was good to beat him they weren't going a more and I guess that's probably what they're saying today above comes a of that they really want that good Dennis tremendous Defensive Player of voters of as the best defensive player in our league and he guards anybody he is under Raider often supporter he makes big shots for them almost all the time and he's just a really really good basketball player than Sale out I like those guys they just play they don't have big celebrations when they make the normal plays that they may which are great plays you know he's a player as a coach you you and Meyer tremendously for what he does you via is not Benson been stand out the tournament coach Tony Bennett's team averaging nearly eighty one points a game had four guys in double figures on Friday the Cavs win over Iowa State paced by twenty-three from Anthony Del sports are all night ESPN Radio two more ACC teams in the later game on Sunday at the East regional final top seeded UNC a number six seed Notre Dame Irish a winner in a thriller Friday against Wisconsin show offer saying goal he launches it throws it up for grabs featured hasn't including the whole Flynn moment rugby I want to know him the one that these next they will now for the goes by many to fund AP once again once would won just fifteen days ago the Tar Heel took it to Notre Dame in the ACC semi seventy-eight forty seven blowout I respect Coach Mike Bryan how his team bounces back after that thirty one point loss he recognizes the tall task we know we play a team that I think is playing the best in the country right now and I seemed to put it all together and we certainly saw up close and personal in Washington DC in the semi finals of the ACC tournaments but I love our group I love are will to win you know we have found ways to continually make things interesting and we're excited about the challenge on they like to get.