Why The NFL May Want To Loosen Up On Its Marijuana Policy

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so right now the mayor marijuana is been in the NFL drug tests ordinary right. But is it time for the NFL loosen up on its marijuana policy and maybe even fun some research and with uses a medicine sales Morning News today Dave raw specifically spoke to Sports Illustrated and a full writer Doug for our he leaves a lot more players are using marijuana to manage pain that people think, studies I've talked to players that will mean you know based in studies land experience I would see anywhere thirty to sixty percent that's huge yeah this is a pretty but substance right it's a printed substance by the NFL even in the states which it's legal says a a Broncos camps look at the Seattle Seahawks can smoke prices placed into marijuana for a variety of reasons but most commonly it's to manage the pain of playing in the in the Senate I just wanna sit there let's Netflix until and that's fine you if if it's a still it's legal not driving not affected in in some other major way. But there are occurring in for players to former players Calverly former Athens one engine man who knows quarterback the ninety-five simple there's have said that marijuana actually got them off the painkillers that they started taking when they were in the NFL subsequently became addicted to and both Curly and the man in the last year have said that the suicidal thoughts the suicidal just years there sort of with droll world the King bought as a result from their addiction to painkillers was completely reversed limit from painkillers to pull it hurts to play in the NFL from all accounts and I've never done it. Really and and and you know I was looking at those pecs and I just I don't mind as he could say either was a problem right look like an NFL player than anything else and no never played in the in the fell but apparently it hurts a real bad to do every week because the players are taking away more painkillers than any human should have to take to do you do for a living, so switching to marijuana to get rid of some of the side effects of painkillers could be something really positive but it's a lot of people worried about the examples and a lot of the young things well I don't think it's anymore allows example for kids than feeding initial players toward elected you these there are a number of businesses and which players have taken totally painters of kidneys shut all sort deal in this Jim will most kids don't know what toward all or Gigi bees are so that's you know do you