Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rogers Describes The Moment He Knew He Was No Longer A Rookie

Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rogers discusses the moment he knew he was no longer a rookie and felt he'd finally made it in the NFL.

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"The Dallas game was big for me ... a game against a great opponent."

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I heard you say a couple of training camps ago, you kind of mentioned that some of these rookies or first year players have their moment where they know they've arrived and can play in the NFL, when was that for you? - Probably when I beat you at Bad camp the first time. - Well, we're still waiting for you to beat me at sheep head, but. - You know what for me it took a little bit because I didn't I get a lot of playing time I lived in the pre-season for the first couple of years, the Dallas game was big for me, you know, being able to come in there at a game against a great opponent, I think at the time we'd both one lost team maybe? - Yeah - I think if I remember right, and to come in there and to feel good about the way I played and then we moved the ball and we scored some points it was, it was pretty awesome.