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Listen: "Chip Kelly's coming in now , new system, 3rd head coach in 3 seasons"

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Rich Schultz
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And intending to trade Holland have break at least not yet because chip Kelly's coming in now news this down to me that third head coach in three seasons Collin Gabbert Blaine Gabbert I mean did hear one of those than playing here in showboating defense is now right now and so went all-in their transition and now I know which one of those guys my eight pickup Chip Kelly's system quickly they earned less likely to let you know one of those guys go knowing of course that there's not a lot available on the free agent market you keep what you have right now teams are reporting their quarterback pieces if they can become a understand but there's not very much and think about how many teams had to use multiple key be flashed your nineteen of the thirty-two that's why even though I here a lot of people hate go get a Jamie Geren are you really big in the Bengals didn't let him go yes all here clear-cut starter but starters get hurt all the time and the Bengals didn't Andy Dalton are did not AJ McCarron last year replacing any doll we were with eighty eight he nearly merely got to the playoffs when he but the men position they came back with fifteen nothing depth with it.