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Listen: "The Giants are there, he's got to go get him"

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Mike Lawrie
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The Giants are there he's got to go get a Jerry re says about fifty sixty million dollars to play with Jerry Reese has a lot of holes to fill Jerry Reese has a lot of desirable pieces yeah that he can pursue to come to New York about Jerry race you know what yeah J.P. pity got to go I've did that money elsewhere let's see PP go hearing one of the players you mention given up a given these guys I guess that alleviate tournament Olivier Vernon deep into Denver's question for you but yeah I completely agree with you Detroit euphoria with that because I always here this and radio so I heard you say Libya Jordan and I knew the I knew what it meant yeah you know I member of course I knew what it meant now the White correct do yes Rice correct you know what went yeah I don't pull from three in Jordan did either I don't know why it so my mind they didn't begin Michael by the West on Mike outs the Mychal Federer to sweep that I think Jordan I think speed that's what I think is that lead tonight you know the star to do that there's so the wing down the logo and making the had just stand by itself on its construction I haven't like that for from E is it a I know you hate Under Armour No a whatever I talk to say got him barrel now care everywhere it is Spring Training the hanging out you guys two thousand eight o'clock in the morning three days ago we have OF who hit a view that morning it's a tense did I could get our might get our for both don't let me into it you're not going to like that okay would fit this is this you know really the ball I get that boy man so well now figured does I'll think it was a parallel just wondering if I should great to be a yes Bubby do are going to get into the arms of an awkward but that yeah I know he knows what he meant that I do would to say the Romanian someone yet it but you don't look your needs to think that we don't know we're talking about even really know that we do that's always the stuff correct make but at least I had I don't dish or I don't take pride ownership so and you heard that guys you heard the rule you know can be very literally year so I don't know was bad I'm actually looking at it holding it my head reading Olivier Vernon for whatever reason I said George I know I can help in that one I don't know why sometimes the other wire Zorn connected years he cut out the Warriors would a win out steps yeah is pretty sweet above the way we have the Little Beast today speaking of the Warriors.