Listen: "There's been a couple of times in the NBA this has happened"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Double fingers and gave the finger on both fest mafia he dropped double fingers and drop the although so they can which I think everybody can figure out what he what he called when you look at the replay would stay will even shall because it's so offensive Bryant did what they they put a bit blurted out and he's seen not like ESPN and Fox a blur at out when they show the highlight State what they showed in doing and that is blurted out it's about it was but even in my head cull the didn't come we do let them they're co we doomed the non no does well on the Bulls and is a couple times the NBA has happened so it's fun eight many Simms spent a lot worse and he said that we support from our darse arbitrage on the ice yeah a worse but it just goes to show it people are homophobic right like for sure without a doubt late there's tons of that going on it's it's everywhere it's not just one incident in a hockey play our game this stuff happens every day what did Curt Schilling thanks again ace they do from a that abundantly clear over the years Don't you you know introduce Fars Helm cubs can be for showing.