Listen: In Ken Hitchcock system in right now is just a little bit

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Robert Laberge
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In Ken Hitchcock system in right now is just a little bit inconsistent you brought up the system and that's something boy we heard last year so much of buying in the system buying into the system we haven't heard that much of that From Ken Hitchcock this year but when you look at his system overall players have told us already in the past that but when you playing 10 Hitchcock's coaching system it's a tough system deploy yen but if you buy yen it works Do you still believe in that that if you buy in the Ken Hitchcock system it works in this day in age and he NHL it's proved that it does work but that that's sister thing like you said it can you keep somebody mentally involved because it is so demanding an you know what with the lady NHL season isn't the navy to gain grind even call the scheduling more to me it's a grind and that's that's what it is for all these guys I mean I don't care what anybody tells you If a player does he's healthy starry lying to you because these guys go through so much with the way it would put the way the game is right now players were so much bigger there so much faster it it's incredible an playing a Ken Hitchcock system is very demanding but it has proved to work in the kindest I mean is it it's not an easy system the play de continuously things that up where I'm asking so much to these players they understand the Times why they hate him because it's it's not easy system the playing in but you know what it's at the end of the day the keys the coach and whatever he brings forward he's you know he brings a wealth of knowledge to the game and you know Whenever whenever he brings up a specific type of a point here you know tends to bring you know there's a very good results and he's had some good results in the past the guys won over seven hundred games and he NHL so i stand there's there's only one Stanley Cup there in Dallas and that was well over a decade ago but you know it's it's one of those where he does bringing fourth within the resonate and it just 10 the work but that's a sticky and you keep guys involved that that seems to be kind of a mental challenge here well and regardless of what is he still has may matched on that Stanley Cup and that's what he brings to it minutes with a leg never go away at all few more questions from Luke or Eric he's he's kind of the join us here on New Year's Day on KMOX Lou Petra verbal and looks so they'll be getting back into the lineup tomorrow is Jordan Koran was sent down in the Chicago wolves so all signs are pointing a Patrick Burke when playing tomorrow and as you said still a ways away from returning but won both these guys were back in the lineup do you see that being enough where this team so that's a good question to it's gonna help no doubt about it I mean especially here bring it taken Schwartz back and he scored 28 goals last year and the so the guy that's a heck of a two-way player they really it's almost a motor for this team he really brings a heck of a spark for that and I'm the one to me that's a real wild card is Patrick Burke.