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Listen: "Number one in the latter's three games decided by more than thirty points last night in the NBA"

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J Pat Carter
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A quick timeout will get the update as well bogus ready to roll areas which player if that gave brought to you by Werder the official out of the end for doubly basketball championship down the official ladder professional Contractors everywhere Werner number one in the latter's three games decided by more than thirty points last night in the NBA Tuesday to one thirty Memphis eighty-one the Thunder dumped the Blazers one twenty-eight ninety-four and Washington hammer Detroit circle workouts Greene right on Bryant not bounce divisions sixteen thirty seven hundred with the win the soon to be hazard on Wizards Radio fifteen points twelve assists for wall in a won twenty-four eighty one knock down at the Pistons just an eighteen point win for The Warriors won twenty-five one oh seven of the Pelicans their sixty-eight victory of the season it forty ninth straight at home Dating back to last year NFL union chief the more Smith so The Wall Street Journal progress being made towards a compromised discipline system in which Roger Goodell would not decide punishment for off-field issues and Waller Palmer will be at the Masters next month he will not hit one of the ceremonial team it's something he has done since those seven on the injured Bowditch follow though frenzy of NFL free agency right here on CBS Sports Radio.