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Listen: "North Carolina would go on to take down the Duke Blue Devils by knocking down the last ten free throws"

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Streeter Lecka
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In quite a special night for the tare it is jacksonville Triplet the Pinson between the circles reality one of two candidates planet standpoint what went right Jones said and it's thirty-six twenty-seven North Carolina by nine WHIP why again in North Carolina would go on to and take down to the Duke Blue Devils by knocking down the last ten free throws and they would withstand a barrage of three pointers by the Duke Blue Devil that was import as well too as Rice Johnson had eighteen points and twenty-one rebounds Marcus Paige Price Johnson both on senior night albeit there Aaron indoor arena their first win that they had at Duke in a four year span elsewhere in college Bastl number one Kansas they take down Iowa State is number two Michigan State no trouble with Ohio State gone over waxes and Georgetown fourth-ranked Virginia no trouble with eleventh ranked lower the loss on the Aces Ian fifth-ranked Xavier takes down the Association King James passes another milestone as he now takes over for Tim Duncan the all-time scoring list he's a good ball for all time store link he's ones Cleveland took down Boston one twenty-two one oh three knicks a winner as was Indiana along with you'd sought Minnesota Chicago SAN ANTONIO and Atlanta USC one fifty one ninety six rather should Tate's takes out Holly Holm this is nbc's sports radio.