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Medal of Honor Receiver Staff Sergeant Tells The Story Of Those They Rescued

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he effort to rescue close today for a surprise defined stole was up in the mountains continue I said Larsson enjoying man , Adam Larsson have intel where he had seen some are falling heroes, so we didn't have and I cannot up to a woman we didn't quite know where are close and we get nowhere on, primary concern once were messing to program back multiple Quantum wearing a title enhancer when you go find work I went back and forth currency sometime undermine and on top of those gaming realize so we were we were stretching pretty fan. Do I did are and it Martin was gonna be risky maneuver but I'm kind of persuaded my way into letting and no, that's what Oregon and they'll climb back then after a few more volunteers, the pushback about the date and came up plan that put him at the guys were Larsson and glass say no, and I would start research pattern prepare for Colin Quinn made her first ballot now got established, Boehner second push that almost up to oh yeah uses position originally Wallace now on the way there we found Martin, open and laundering trailer karaoke recovery teams Evelyn Grant hand and ran back push little farther so and I will find diagnosed. The casualty recovery came was I will push of began okay gravel mom, but at that point in her stretched to ten, i thought maybe I'm a communication backward son breeding are more Republicans are banned isolated up more, i was hand-in-hand robbery and were private Thompson pose a first casualty that they were supports the laugh, i'm called upbringing though I know that the original plan was also gonna try and make it all the way up there in that, rather than an bringing back hopefully disc and push any farther Craig we didn't have recovered five guys how he just couldn't cover all background could hold.