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Listen: "I'm the only Carolina Panthers fan up here you know what I mean"

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Al Bello
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Number to call a five five two one two four CBS if I five two one two four two two seven you know one game when the college basketball media one coach active don't give me John Wooden don't you need Bobby night one active coach who the pick into into one game tomorrow taking Thomas so and I'm not thinking TWICE ABOUT IT let's go in all OHL EDM Angelo Masters adjusts CBS betrayed him hello ahead of the bone boss judo you know <silence> their choice with Tom is was a break you you really really can't compete with that matter you could but you could make a very good or some other guys and that's OK I'm a but I how can you d like to have a new team and talk to people as they have lead in the goal for is how much come one to say 'Hey I'm going to go for time is only already with the Cullen miserable OK will closes of people that may not pick on his own you come on say 'Hey I'm Dolan with you know I'm goal Jay right lone with the cause My shows he what is a full some nice problem is although OK was given you I mean I you know you can't really good he would come Is So okay in rather have the asked the question and not give you my opinion on why would take without with that be better for you don't no no no no no one on than it is is just that you know when you call a salute when you have somebody in the fall in a save legal if you know kind of that's modest routinely physical marvel for his common so eager to compete with them you know what I call before they say you know what was going on I got a guy that you get in the house twenty all man on from on from mall mass OK and I'm probably the only Carolina Panthers fan appear you know him in both a on the only Panther fan appear and honestly it's really hard we when I seen ten million but also on the ground on the suitable you know him in an because this is the first year that my front seven is though this is the first said and done in the single ball and he was a single ball and they would play five minutes less Newton are on a said that can lead to leads this is that hurts you know almost that ili off I've never I've never seen my team in a suitable so I was you get so this team in the Super Bowl and and that's and that's when it came down to I told him I said 'Hey Jacoby you know when they lost in all the ring I cried that I promise of the sweep that night while by fourteen years old but I've been a tool what's good takes him and I liked by fourteen year though not foam I think yeah cry three times in my life I cried bad night I cry when you a bomb not cry when this is was more but you know I got all right and I'm still offense for the day but on the Carolina Panthers Slam but I've glove overhead and that's what gotten used to hockey so you know I'm kind of kind of problem Uggla was made up for it today and may have watched the game today and he has that Palace leg and post up and is Rome only because it was cheap it's very a life a day in the life of Ed miss on the low messages I even played to me that I and I gave my pick I think there's so I should complain that he's not share with us whatever it is that he may be by taking in at the moment of over the hump it's a how he seven it's a Johnny on CBS Sports Radio.